The Mandarin Centre Chatswood food court experience: What can you expect

The Mandarin Centre Chatswood Food Court, especially for those who enjoy Chinese and Oriental cuisines, is a popular spot for lunchtime shoppers. The Mandarin Centre Chatswood Food Court’s main feature is its authentic taste. There are many choices, including restaurants that serve Chinese and Japanese cuisines, Thai and Thai food, as well as fusion meals. So what can you expect from Mandarin Centre Chatswood Food Court besides the above? Here’s just a sample of what’s available:

Easy and fast service

The food is prepared in bite-sized portions, so customers who are hungry do not have too much to wait. This is a great advantage, especially if your goal is to grab a quick bite while you head out.

True taste

The Mandarin Centre Chatswood Food Court has earned a reputation for providing authentic Asian food. The Centre is the ideal place to visit for great taste and variety. Are you looking for authentic Indonesian food, with all its layers and flavors? Want to savor rice, vegetables, mixed seafood or thick, delicious Chinese noodles? The Mandarin Centre has many options for customers who want to try new cuisines, gourmet foods or a more adventurous version of an old favorite.


The Mandarin Centre Chatswood Food Court looks clean and well organized. There are brightly lit food stands with clear displays of their dishes. It’s often packed during lunch hours and dinner, when customers start coming in to eat. It isn’t the place for those looking for fine dining. However, it is an excellent place to be if you don’t mind the loud, vibrant atmosphere of many food courts or the food markets in major Asian cities.

Best laksa?

Regular customers and many visitors agree that Mandarin Centre Chatswood serves the best laksa. Many lunch-goers love this popular soup, which is made of spicy noodles and a combination of ingredients. A popular destination? May’s. They offer authentic Malaysian foods that customers enjoy every day. Although their signature dish is the laksa (or nasi goreng), their char kway Teow (stir-fried noodles), are equally delicious.

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