Malaysian Food Experience: Nasi lemak

My personal experience

When we close our eyes



Gorgeous ….

Hot sausage with mustard.

These were the words of Oliver the movie.

Malaysian food is synonymous with great taste.

There are many varieties

The spices

The texture

The fragrance


Malaysia in short

Malaysia is home to three major cultures: 51% Malays, 24% Chinese. Malaysia has a total of 31% Malays and 24% Chinese. It sounds very similar in sound to Singlish (Singapore English). Malaysia’s official language, Bahasa Malaysia, is also known. This Malay language sounds very similar to Bahasa Indonesia.

Malaysian food: Nasi Lemak

Different people bring a different flavor to the table.

Nasi Lemak is a Malaysian dish that is very popular. This dish is from Malay which is Malaysia’s largest ethnic group.

You can find nasi Lemak all over the country. Also, it can be found on the streets in villages.

There are many ways to make this dish but the key ingredients are the same:

Coconut milk rice

Also known locally as pandan leaves



Roasted peanuts

Boil eggs

Chili paste (or sambal, in Malay)

Chili paste is the base of all variations. Chili paste sets the standard for high-quality nasi Lemak.

It is a Malay tradition dish. Indians and Chinese modified the recipe to suit their tastes.

You can enjoy Nasi Lemak at any hour of day in restaurants, hotels and food courts in shopping malls and airports.

Food to think About

When visiting Malaysia, be careful about where you eat.

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